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Sunday, 19 June 2011

Love Quotes #10

The love of a friend said:

"If you ever need anything

I'll be there. "

True Love says:

"You'll never need anything;

I'll be there. "

- Jimi Holleman -

Love Quotes #9


My pillow.

Envelops me in your soft folds of comfort.

With eyes closed, your gentle caress soothes my concerns

ship in my thoughts and pure satisfaction.

Completely satisfied, I was in your embrace fresh

desire to remain indefinitely.

It is love.

                         - Lauren Hunt -

Love Quotes #8

                                My Sweet

Sweet grabs my arms to keep

something deep in my soul.

Her magic touch soothes my heart

and fills an empty space.

My sweet kisses are so sweet and kind,

more exquisite than fine wine.

Her slender fingers course through my hair,

sends shivers down my spine.

My look is sweet I do not dare to answer long

although it may be happiness.

For his ocean blue eyes,

I can fall into the abyss.

My sweet angel is a land-related

whose wings she had to discard.

If my true love my sweet,

Then my true love's hair is red.

- Andrew J. Cohen -

Love Quotes #7

She walks down the aisle

She walks down the aisle

With a smile as pure as honey

A gust of wind as smooth as silk

A ray of hope

Ray of Light.

He walks down the aisle

With beautiful crimson red dresses

In search of a holy figure

A voice of an angel

A silent.

He walks down the aisle

With eyes as deep as the sea

A song of the bird in the morning

Vision Divine

Picture paradise.

She walks down the aisle

Like clouds floating in the sky

Rising like an angel from heaven

Like a raindrop in the desert

As a promise never fulfilled.

He walks down the aisle.

She asks me a question.

I have no words to answer.

And time stands still ...

- Sikandar Razzaq Bughio -

Love Quotes #6

Love survives

Share time is still there

I looked through the life

Never avoid controversy

But now they are canceled

My barriers broken

For my part, found

Reached and untied me

Her love has burst my bonds

And the music for my songs

His need me

And because I

It made my Winter Spring

A new beginning

With my heart pounding

We color the world with our dream

Nothing is as it seems

The darkness is my solitude

She - my rising sun.

- Robert K. Charron -

Love Quotes #5

Love feels no burden,

thinks nothing of trouble,

tests of its strength,

pleads no excuse of impossibility ...

It is, therefore, is able to do everything,

and done many things

and warrants them to take effect

Whoever does not love would faint and lie down.

Love is watchful and sleeping, do not wait.

Although tired, not tired;

But hurry, it is not penetrated;

disturbed, however, is not confused ...

- Thomas A. Kempis -

Love Quotes #4

                           What Is It That I Love?

If you ask why I love him, I would say

This is the swing of her hips,

the thickness of her thighs.

It is light on his lips,

love in his eyes.

It is the softness of their skin

silky hair.

This is a turning point in his journey;

is the sweetness of her voice.

That's the way she loves me

I make love every day.

That's what I say.

- Justin Hutchins -

Love Quotes #3

                                Winter Moonlight

The snow, so peaceful and serene,
caressed by the soft moonlight,
gave magical feelings to the night.

The soft blue glow,
the lovers' words that then did flow,
their lips closer and closer
until, locked in the throes
of a passionate embrace,
he decided to express his feelings,
to keep her safe.

He whispered softly,
his words like music to her ears,
"I Love You,"
and her response the same,
heard like the gentle breeze,
"And I, love you, forever."

That was the night they promised
to be together through everything,
each to care for the other when old and gray.
A lovers' pact
the most likely to last.

- Krista J. Mikula -

Love Quotes #2

You know you're in love

When you see the world in her eyes

and her eyes everywhere in the world.

- David Levesque -

Love Quotes #1

Love is like a mustard seed;

planted by God

watered and men

- Muda Saint Michael -